The Villages RV Club Rally Policies

It should be recognized that from planning start to finish, it generally takes from 3 to 4 months to hold a successful rally. Minimally, one month to plan, and 2 months to market at meetings before leaving. So everyone should be thinking that far out and not wait until it is too late to do one.

Ideas for rally’s can come from anywhere; past experiences, friends, prior rally’s, campground guidebooks, etc. They can be close by, i.e. within a day’s travel, or a few days. With 2 days travel you can go as far as North Carolina; Louisiana, Tennessee, or Key West. If you have an idea, but are unsure of its acceptance or feasibility, please contact a Board member to discuss further.

There are club banners available for wagon masters to display at the campgrounds, and a white board for communicating to participants about agendas and events at the rally. These are available from the Rally Coordinator prior to the Rally.

All wagon masters will receive a stipend of $150 to help defray costs of the rally and can be used in any way that the wagon master deems. Funds will be issued at meeting just before rally.

There is a listing of prior rallies with destinations, campgrounds, dates, etc. available to the membership in order to help plan and execute a rally.

We encourage members who have not run a rally to become a co-wagon master in order to become comfortable with the process.

Based upon interest and attendance, some rallies may be designated as Annual Rally’s and planned to be repeated each year.

Encourage “Destination Area” rally’s whereby a member is returning to a prior home area or an area that they are familiar with, they can run a one-way rally to the area and plan some activities, afterwards the participants can go on their separate ways.

For members who are not comfortable standing up in front of crowds, a Board member or Rally Coordinator Committee member will do the marketing, while the wagonmaster does the planning and sign-ups.

Hold new member rally’s with a few “old-timers” to someplace close by to help new members get to know on another, and experience a rally. Also encourage first time RV’ers attend and have opportunities to ask questions regarding their RV’s.

At the monthly meeting following a rally, the wagon master or a participant will be asked to describe how the rally went, what they did, and any interesting accounts, both good and bad, that occurred. Also, indicating whether this rally should be repeated soon or next year.

All wagon masters will be asked to prepare a packet of their rally, similar to any given to participants, indicating the place, campground, agenda, contacts, and any other pertinent info and turn it into the Rally Coordinator for future use.

For future rallies, each participating rig will be required to make a minimum non-refundable deposit of $25.00 at the time of sign-up. This deposit will be used to offset costs associated with the rally and will be deducted from future funding requirements. The amount and timing (i.e. no later than the following meeting) of the required additional amount will be determined by the rally wagon master. Depending upon the specific requirements and activities of the rally, the deposit required at sign-up may be more than the $25.00 minimum. All club members signing-up for a rally are requested, if possible, to provide their deposit by personal check so it minimizes the wagon master's funds accounting while also providing the member with a "proof of payment receipt" (i.e. the cancelled check).

While the deposit will be considered non-refundable after 7 days, if a replacement member/rig is secured from the stand-by list by the cancelling participant after the rally is full, the cancelling member may make arrangements with or without the Wagonmaster to replace themselves with another member and secure return of their deposit.

The Wagonmaster and Co-Wagonmaster can designate 3 additional members to go on their rally first. Afterwards members will be allowed to sign up for the RV Club trip at the date established for sign-ups by the trip leaders in order to allow equal participation by all club members.

Only members present at the club meeting are allowed to sign themselves up. If not present at the meeting, you are required to call the wagon master for sign-up, subject to the announced sign-up date.

Additional reservation procedures for such things as campgrounds will be explained at the time of sign-up with the wagon master.

Members should not call the campground directly to make reservations for a trip unless they have been directed to do so by the wagon master for that particular trip. This would apply to all members going on that trip.

If the wagon master made the reservations at the campground for the participating members, then any cancellations or refunds will be handled by the wagon master. If the member dealt directly with the campground for registration, then they will deal directly with the campground for cancellations or refunds according to that campground’s rules at time of registrations. The RV Club will not interfere between the parties and the Club member should abide by those rules so as to not hurt the name of the RV Club.

In either case, the member must notify the wagon master of any cancellations AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so a member on the waiting list can be given an opportunity to take part in the trip

The Villages RV Club Guidelines For Wagon Masters

A. Decisions- This is your trip 1. Decide where you would like to take an RV Trip 2. How many rigs will you open to your rally (15 - 20 rigs is quite workable) 3. Activities you wish to include (i.e. dinner, pot lucks, special interests) 4. Dates for your rally and at which RV meeting you will offer your first sign- up opportunity to RV members 5. Method of payment to Campground:a. Do Attendees to make their own reservations? b. Collection of all Campground fees from attendees / one check sent to Campground by Wagon Master. 6. Decide if you want to collect a down payment and will it be non-refundable. 7. Decide if you want to allow guests of RV member attendees.

B. Preliminary Organization 1.Contact Campgrounds a. Check rates for camp sites b. Check for availability of sites, size of sites, type of available hookups c. What method of payment is preferred by the Campground? d. Does Campground have brochures that they will send you? e. Does Campground have clubhouse for group activities if needed? 2. Check with the campground, the local Chamber of Commerce, tourist information center, or the Internet for area activities

C. Post Rally to Club 1. Present rally information to Rally Coordinator. Enter the Web site. Click on “Printable Schedule”. Click on “Suggest a Trip”. Enter your information. 2. After Rally Coordinator approves rally: a. Update the information on the Web site. Click on “Printable Schedule”; Click on “Enter Event Details”; Enter your information. b. Possibly make preliminary announcement about your rally

D. Suggestions for your table presentation for sign ups 1. Use brochures of Campground and/or activities 2. Include Rally information (i.e. dates, cost, down payment info.) 3. Prepare sign up and standby sign up sheets a. Name b. Phone number c. Email address d. Rig information, if needed (i.e. size, hookups, slides) e. Column to record payments (record all payments made by sign up participants) 5. Have Campground Cancellation policy information 6. Have Campground Pet policy information 7. Verify RV Club membership is current

E. Suggested inclusions for the Rally packets to be given to each participant prior to departure 1. Check in / Check out times for Campground 2. Directions to Campground and activities 3. Synopsis of the Rally’s daily activities 4. If club shirts are requested and what occasions they will be worn 5. If Pot luck is an activity - What participants should bring and how much 6. List of participants names and, cell phones and if available, their camp sites. It is suggested that you, the Wagon Master, make every effort to arrive at the Campground early to set up for participant arrivals. If possible, welcome participants upon arrival to insure they are settled and well informed with such information as your camp site location, time and place of evening group gatherings, and daily activities will be posted on an erasable board displayed at your camp site. An RV Club banner and an erasable board (to be displayed at your camp site) will be supplied by the Rally Coordinator. As a courtesy, be the last to leave insuring a safe departure for all participants of your rally. When you return to the Villages, make arrangements to return the RV Club banner and erasable board to the Rally Coordinator.