The Villages RV Club

Street RV Parking Guidelines

The following guidelines are for all members of the RV Club. They establish recommendations for parking your Recreational Vehicle (RV) on or near your property when you are furnishing your RV for a trip or upon return while you are unloading and cleaning your vehicle.
a. Smaller RVs: If your RV is a smaller vehicle and it is capable of being reasonably stored on your driveway while you are furnishing or unloading your vehicle, this is preferred. However, should your vehicle extend slightly into the street, you should insure that you have triangular reflectors or cones posted to properly mark your RV and warn others of its presence. You will have up to 72 hours to either furnish or unload and clean your vehicle while parked on your driveway.
b. Villa RV Owners: Since you have such short driveways, it is acceptable to park your RV on the street in front of your villa. However, the 72 hour limit still applies for either furnishing or unloading your RV. Secondly; it is imperative that you park your RV in such a manner as to not impair the ability of emergency vehicles to access any area on your street. In addition, to minimize your footprint in the street, park so that your slide out is curbside and therefore out over your lawn or landscaping as appropriate.
c. Large RVs: For those who have a RV that will not reasonably fit in their driveway, you should park you RV on the street only in front of your home. Again, the 72 hour rule applies and it is imperative that your RV does not impede access for emergency vehicles on the street. As a safety precaution, we recommend that you place a safety triangle or cone in front and behind your vehicle at an appropriate distance to advise other vehicles that there is a blocked lane ahead. Again, place your vehicle in such a manner that your slide out extends onto your property on the curb side. If it is necessary to open a slide out on the street side, do so only for the shortest time possible. In addition, we recommend that you place a person outside of the slide out to direct traffic around the slide out during this short period. It protects your slide out from damage and facilitates emergency vehicle passage should that be necessary.
d. General: In our endeavors to be wanderers in our RVs, it is important to use discretion when we park them, the duration and being considerate of our neighbors.
1. For those who are residents of Lake and Sumter Counties, the Villages have allotted the streets to the County. Therefore, only the County has jurisdiction over these streets. In discussing the RV parking situation with the Sheriff’s Department in both of these Counties, they have indicated that they will not ticket a vehicle that is properly parked and not interfering with any emergency vehicle access. For residents of Marion County, those streets with in the Villages are owned by District 4, essentially owned by all of the residents in that District. Only major
thoroughfares such as Buena Vista Blvd are owned and maintained by Marion County. Further, the Marion County Sheriff’s office has also indicated that they will not ticket properly parked RVs in that County. The guidelines for Large RVs apply here. The Community Standards Department is still in a position to enforce parking on Villages’ streets.
2. A point of interest: Should you have a guest RVer visit you for any length of time and they are staying with you in your home, there are temporary storage slots within the Villages Industrial Areas (Alhambra and Rolling Acres) where they may store their RV while visiting. There is a $6.00 + tax charge for this storage. You may contact the Villages Customer Service Department at 753-4508 to arrange for such a slot.
e. Note: An RV cannot be used as a “temporary living space” at any time while parked in the Villages. If you have guests and require additional space to accommodate them, then park your RV in one of the many RV Parks in the area and not on your driveway or in the street in front of your home.​