The Villages RV Club



Club  By-laws

Article I:
The “Club” shall be known as the “Villages Recreational Vehicle Club”.  Its principle place will be The Villages.
Article II:
The “Club” shall continue indefinitely. B. Its purpose - To provide meetings, social events and RV related activities for its members. C. Eligibility - Membership is open to all residents of The Villages who own a recreational vehicle, as approved by the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association). D. Extended Membership - Past active members, who are no longer active in/or participate in the RV lifestyle, may continue to belong to the “Club”, providing that they maintain their
  annual dues.
Article III:
All members must pay an annual fee, per RV, prescribed by the guidelines in order to take part in any Club event.
Article IV:
Renewal dues will remain $15.00 per year. Current members are to renew by January 31st
  of each year;  those who haven't renewed by March 31st of said year will be considered new
  members at the New Members fee of $20.00. B. No new members will be accepted after the November meeting. New members will be
  accepted again at the January meeting.
C. New Membership fees are $20.00 D. Members who have not paid the current year dues by March 31st shall be dropped from
  membership. Article V:
The monthly meetings shall be the second Friday of each month.  Exceptions to the above
  may be holiday dates and summer cancellations, which must be approved by the general membership at the monthly meeting before such cancellation. B. All officers shall be elected at the November general meeting by the membership. C. Nominations for officers shall be presented to the membership at the October meeting and
  again at the November meeting.  Elections will be held at the November meeting. D. Elected officers shall take office at the January meeting. E. All officers shall be year-round residents of “The Villages”. F. The Executive board shall consist of the officers.
Article VI:
The officers of the “Club” shall be President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Wagon
  Master and Membership Coordinator, all of whom shall be elected for a term of one (1)
  year. B. The President and all elected officers are required to preside at all meetings of the “Club”,
  and perform all duties pertaining to his/her office. C. Any officer absent for three (3) consecutive meetings without a valid reason shall be
  terminated. D. The Treasurer’s books will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the president. A
  report of the review will be presented on or before the general meeting in March. E. In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice President shall preside at meetings and
  perform the duties of the President.  If both are absent, the order of presiding will be:
   Treasurer, Wagon Master, Secretary, as the Secretary is needed to take notes. F. No member shall hold the same office more than two (2) terms in succession - filling an
  unexpired term shall, in this regard, be considered as a term of office. G. Should an officer resign during the year, the President shall appoint a club member too
  assume the office temporarily, and order the Recording Secretary to present notice of a
  special election at the next general meeting, so that the vacancy can be filled by vote of the
  membership. Article VII:
The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee in September, with a minimum of
  three (3) members, in order that a slate of names for officers for the coming year can be
  presented to the membership at the October and November meetings.  This committee shall also conduct the elections at the November meeting. B. The President shall be empowered to appoint such special committees as he/she deems
Article VIII:
These guidelines may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the membership
  present in two (2) consecutive monthly membership meetings - a quorum being present at
  all meetings.  A quorum is to consist of fifteen percent (15%) of the total membership of the
  “Club”. Article IX:
Any paid member wishing to invite a guest (guests) to a club function must first seek
  permission from the person (persons) running said function. Article X:
Robert’s Rules of Order shall be used to decide any or all questions of parliamentary procedure.  Original Submitted By:     Joe & Pat Humphrey 
 Revised & Approved: 12/8/00; 4/11/03; 12/10/04; 3/12/09
 By-Laws Committee, 1/13/94, 12/12/14, 5/12/17


The Villages RV Club was founded in 1990. At that time, there were 5 units, belonging to residents of The Villages. Our club has grown to over 200 RV units and is still growing. Membership in The Villages RV Club is limited to residents of The Villages.